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BIM Uses

Space Management and Tracking

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A process in which BIM is utilized to effectively allocate, manage, and track assigned workspaces and resources. A BIM model will allow the facility management team to analyze the existing use of the space and appropriately manage changes in clientele, use of space, and future changes throughout the facility's lifecycle. Space management and tracking is an application of the record model.

Potential Value:

  • Identify and allocate space for appropriate building use
  • Track current use of space
  • Insure optimum use of the facility's space resources
  • Assist in planning future space needs for the facility

Resources Required:

  • 3D Model manipulation
  • Content management application

 Team Competencies Required:

  • Ability to manipulate, navigate, and review record model
  • Ability to assess current space and assets and manage appropriately for future needs

Selected Resources:

  • Valcik, Nicolas A. and Patricia Huesca-Dorantes. “Building a GIS Database for Space and Facilities Management.” New Directions for Institutional Research, n120 p53-61 2003.


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