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Construction Management
Elementary School
Central Ohio

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Thesis Proposal

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Analysis 1 - 3D Laser Scan Existing Structure

The use of 3D laser scanning to accurately measure the existing structure will eliminate the difficulties currently encountered while attempting to obtain reliable dimensions of the remaining spaces.


Analysis 2 - Multivista Construction Documentation

Third-party photographic documentation provides a reliable, quality photo record of the construction process. It serves to resolve construction issues as well as presents owners with a valuable tool for maintaining their facilities.


Analysis 3 - Use of PEX Tubing

The use of PEX tubing in place of copper pipe will result in lower material costs, a reduction in installation time, increased safety and a decreased risk of material theft.


Analysis 4 - Use Of Steel Decking / Cast-In-Place Concrete

The pre-cast concrete plank flooring is proving difficult to procure and install. The use of steel decking and cast-in-place concrete allows for easier installation and onsite adjustability while eliminating the long lead time present with pre-cast planks.


Analysis 5 - Adjust Project Start Date

A July start date does not provide adequate time to complete exterior work before inclement winter weather. Accelerating the start date to mid-Spring provides time to complete the exterior work during good weather. This will accelerate other work as well as reduce the need of and cost for temporary enclosures and heat.


Mechanical Breadth

Material and installation cost and risk of theft warrant inspection of alternatives to copper piping.  Cross-linked polyethylene tubing (PEX) is a viable replacement.  The PEX provides for ease of installation and ease of repair.  

This copper alternative requires a re-design of the system.  Pipe sizes and material quantities will need to be recalculated.  Additionally, the schedule will need to be adjusted to reflect the shorter installation time.


Structural Breadth

The current floor system is pre-cast concrete planks.  A system of steel decking and cast-in-place concrete with steel beams for intermediate support accelerates the construction process by eliminating the lengthy lead time for the planks.  It would also provide more flexibility for other trades and an easier installation into existing spaces.

This new system will require structural design and analyses of the steel decking and beams and cast-in-place concrete.  In addition, a cost estimate and schedule analysis will be performed.



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