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General Building Data

Owner                                          Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Site Location                             105 Spruce Avenue Pasadena, MD

Tenant                                          Pasadena Elementary

Building Type                            Elementary School

Size                                                68,000 square feet

Height                                           2 stories above ground level


Primary Project Team

Owner                                         Anne Arundel County Public
Construction Manager         Jacobs Facilities, Inc.
Architect                                   Rubeling & Associates
Civil Engineer                         KCI
MEP Engineer                         Posey

Structural Engineer        Columbia Engineering, Inc.

Site Work                                   Pessoa Construction

Abatement & Demolition    GeoStructures, Inc.

Concrete                                    Canyon Contracting

Masonry                                     Moehrle Masonry

Steel                                             Jarvis Steel & Lumber

General Works                         Hancock & Albanese

Roofing                                        Heidler Roofing

Windows                                     College Park Glass Company

Kitchen Equipment               Clark Food Service

Casework                                    Glover Equipment, Inc.

Technical Wiring                     HP Electronics

Mechanical & Plumbing       G.E. Tignall

Fire Sprinkler                           Fire-Mak, Inc.

Electrical                                    Action Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Construction Dates

Construction began in February 2008.  New construction in Phase I will complete in November 2007 and the school building will occupy over Christmas break.  Phase II abatement and demolition of the existing elementary school will begin after Phase I occupancy and will complete in May 2008.


Project Delivery Method

The project delivery method is CM-Owner’s Agent.  Jacobs Facilities has a contract with the owner.  There is no General Contractor on the project; instead there are multiple primes for each division of work.  The CM administers all of the contractor’s contracts for the owner, but does not have a direct contract with any company. 



The exterior of Pasadena Elementary School consists of two types of face brick masonry.  The first which makes up most of the façade is a red shade.  The northeast and south sides of the building are two stories high.  Most of the windows on the exterior are placed along the North and South elevations and are spread uniformly.  Vertically between widows on the first and second levels, the brick on the façade is a second gray color.  Where the building is only one level, the gray colored brick creates a horizontal stripe that runs about one-third of the building height below the roof of the building.

In the center of the interior contains the Media Center.  On the north side of the Media Center there are two hallways lined with classrooms.  In between these two wings a courtyard is located.  Lining the courtyard there are many windows from the classrooms that allows occupants to look outside.

The south side of the Media Center contains public spaces such as the gymnasium, cafeteria and music rooms.  The gymnasium and the cafeteria are double height ceiling spaces that connect with the second floor roof.
The second floor consists is one hallway of classrooms above one of the hallways on the north side of the first floor.


Major National Model Code

IBC 2003



Pasadena Elementary School will follow local zoning codes for buildings used for educational purposes.


Historical requirements

There are no historical requirements.


Building Envelope

The exterior shell of the building consists of two different types of face brick on the outer side of the building envelope.  Behind the masonry there is rigid cavity insulation and thru-wall flashing with weeps throughout.  Behind this membrane, there are concrete masonry units (CMUs) and CMU bond beams where structurally needed. 

Bituminous dampproofing is used below the final grade down below the footing for moisture protection of the cast in place concrete footings.

At exterior walls where windows are located, there are rake joints above and below the windows and steel lintels.  There is also sealant at the perimeter of the windows for moisture protection.

The roof includes acoustic roof decking with a perforated flat bottom, tapered insulation and roof trusses.  There is cap flashing and thru-wall flashing below bituminous membrane for moisture protection.



This project does not have a general contractor.  Instead, it is set up with (14) prime contractors each for a different trade of the scope of the project.  Jacobs Facilities Inc. acts as a CM at Risk while handling all of the contracts for the owner.  The Architect, Rubeling & Associates has a contract with the owner and also has hired all of the engineers for the project and therefore holds contracts with all of them.


Electrical System

There is one main switchboard that runs to panelboards located in (5) electrical closets throughout the building.  The system runs on 277/480 V power with a 3 phase 4-wire system.  The panelboards range from supplying 100 Amps to 600 amps.


Lighting System

All interior lighting must comply with local codes and zoning requirements as well as NFPA 70 and NFPA 101.  Interior lighting consists of both fluorescent and HID lighting.  All lighting fixtures will be supplied with 270 V power with the exception of a few accent fixtures of 120 V. 


Mechanical System

There are (3) Rooftop Units with Energy Recovery (ERUs) and (3) Air Handling Units (AHUs).  There are (6) Ductless Split System Units (DSS).  The RAHUs only have a return fan that can supply between 1530-7500 cfm (cubic feet per minute).  Outdoor air is supplied at 375-2500 cfm.  The ERUs supply and return air between 258 and 454 MBH (Thousand BTUs/hr).  All units are supplied with 480 volts at 3 phase power. 


Structural System

Steel HSS columns of sizes varying from (5) to (8) inches are throughout the (2) North wings of the building with bays varying around 30’ each.  Steel beams support joists and composite metal roof decking with normal weight 4000 psi concrete.  On the south size of the building load bearing walls made of concrete are the support system for the gymnasium and cafeteria areas which are double height areas.  The roof above these areas consists of composite metal decking with normal weight concrete and roofing membrane.


Fire Protection System

An automatic wet-pipe sprinkler system runs throughout the classrooms, offices, cafeteria seating, auditorium seating, corridors, lobbies and rest rooms at 0.1 GPM/sq. ft. (Gallons per Minute per square foot) over every 1,500 square foot area.  In the mechanical room, kitchen food preparation and storage areas water is pumped at 0.15 GPM/sq. ft. over every 1,500 square foot area.  The gymnasium and platform is supplied with 0.2 GPM/sq. ft.  The system consists of (2) zones.


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