Technical Assignment #1: Existing Lighting Conditions and Design Criteria

Technical Assignment #1 is a survey of the existing lighting conditions for One Christina Crescent, and includes a listing of design criteria which will be pertinent to the future redesign of the lighting system. The survey consists of a detailed description of the existing lighting systems and major hardware (including luminaires, lamps, ballasts, control devices, and daylight elements). Also present in the report is a review of the general conditions and finish specifications for the five spaces to be redesigned.

Executive Summary - Tech #1 (.pdf 11 KB)

Technical Assignment #1 (.pdf 1,715 KB)

Technical Assignment #2: Electrical Systems Existing Conditions and Building Load Summary Report

Technical Assignment #2 is a survey of the existing electrical system conditions for One Christina Crescent. A brief description of the electrical distribution system is presented, followed by a more detailed review of the various components and details of the system. This report addresses the service entrance, voltage systems, transformers, emergency power systems, over-current devices, switchgear, power factor correction, design issues, lighting loads, mechanical loads, service entrance size, utility company information, and communication systems.

Executive Summary - Tech #2 (.pdf 10 KB)

Technical Assignment #2 (.pdf 378 KB)

Single Line Diagram (.pdf 1,177 KB)

Technical Assignment #3: Lighting Schematic Design

Technical Assignment #3 is a presentation of the lighting schematic design for the five spaces to be redesigned during the Spring Semester.

Technical Assignment #3 (.pdf 5.02 MB)


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