Chris Wiacek is currently a fifth-year student of Architectural Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University with a focus on construction management. He will graduate in December of 2010 with an integrated BAE/MAE and minor in Architectural Studies. Chris will be a teaching assistant for a joint Architecture and Architectural Engineering design studio in the spring of 2010 in addition to being several extracurricular groups.

In the summer of 2008, Chris spent time assisting in the lighting and electrical design of the New Meadowlands Stadium (NJ), New York Football Giants Training Facility (NJ), and an unnamed NFL Stadium proposal in the western US. In 2009, Chris traveled to Quito, Ecuador and spent time tutoring electrical engineering students from Escuela Politécnica Nacional in electrical circuits and power, US measurement systems, and US engineering vocabulary. Chris also found work as a freelance graphic designer for a Spanish institute in exchange for Spanish lessons.

While Chris’s option within Architectural Engineering is construction management, his passion has always been architectural design. Chris has scheduled many additional courses and studios in architectural design above those required by the major, and will earn a Minor in Architectural Studies.  Following graduation, he hopes to use his AE background as a foundation for obtaining a Master of Architecture degree and enter the workforce as an architect.