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Thesis Proposal

Senior Thesis Proposal

Senior Thesis Proposal (Revised)

Executive Summary
The proposal is four analysis topics that I will do research on in the spring of 2010 semester for Senior Thesis.  The four topics that I am looking into are a more efficient curtain wall, grey water system, precast concrete foundation system, and green roof.  A more efficient curtain wall system will focus on value engineering and constructability with a breadth analysis in mechanical do to the change in mechanical load from a new curtain wall system.  The gray water system will focus on sustainable design research and look at cost benefits.  The precast concrete foundation system will focus on the potential of schedule acceleration and constructability.  Last the analysis on the green roof will many focus on the critical industry issue and a breadth analysis in structural will be done on the structural system of a typical bay to check and see if a typical bay will be able to support a green roof. (Note: Click on the link below for breadth topics.)

Breadth Topics





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