Vanessa Rodriguez's Autobiography

Vanessa Rodriguez is a Structural option AE from The Pennsylvania State University. She will gain EIT status upon graduation in May 2010 along with a Bachelors and Masters of Architectural Engineering and a minor in Architectural studies.

 Proving she is versatile, Vanessa has held a wide variety of jobs and interests throughout her college years. As a freshman and sophomore she was the cofounder and leader of St. Gabriel’s youth group.  In her junior year she was a researcher in rapid prototyping technology and its applications. And in her senior year she was Mathematics teacher for Pennsylvania’s PASS program as well as an assistant teacher for the MIGRANT program and CPHA Citizenship Classes.  She also studied abroad in Rome, Italy and refined her architectural design concepts while immersing herself in the Italian culture. Her hobbies include water coloring and Brazilian jiu-jitsu; a martial art with Japanese origins.

Regardless of the fast-pace of the building design industry, for Vanessa, exceptional quality work is a must. She is able to communicating her ideas quickly through napkin sketches and is always thinking of how form, function, and aesthetics work together to create a harmonious structure. Due to her great attention to detail, she analyses how material choice will affect its aesthetic, economics, sustainability, and most importantly, its structural integrity. Upon graduation, she hopes to work in continuous collaboration with architects to create some of the most distinctive and timeless structures in the world.

Grateful with all the great opportunities life has given her, she hopes to give back to her community and pave the way for those to come.

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