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Structural Depth

Problem 1: the vertical core is made up of a combination of braced and moment frames.
Solution 1: revise all moment frames to braced frames

The new vertical core which is a large part of the lateral load resisting system, should with stand gravity, seismic, and wind loads. The vertical core will be revised so that it is made up of braced frames only instead of a combination of braced frames and moment frames.

Problem 2: building façade is susceptible to water and air infiltration
Solution 2: redesign of façade for improved waterproofing and incorporating thermal dampers

To ensure that the building is sealed tight against water penetration and that the outside temperature doesn’t greatly affect the interior environment, there will be thermal dampers on exterior structural members. A redesign of the façade will be conducted for improved waterproofing and incorporation of the thermal dampers. Along with the redesign of the façade, the perimeter structural framing will be changed to better incorporate the new façade.  

M.A.E. Coarse Integration

Steel Connections will also be addressed in the redesign of façade connections to the structural steel. The connections will be analyzed for applicable failure modes. These include shear, bearing, tear-out, etc. The building enclosures class is expected to be heavily integrated with this thesis. Building façade connectivity to structural members will also be analyzed for ease of installation.

Breadth I: Construction Impact

Changing the moment frames to braced frames is expected to have an impact on erection time, the savings associated with this will be analyzed. In addition, the new façade with thermal dampers will also have an effect on the erection time, it may either increase or decrease the construction schedule, however it is expected that the energy savings will supplant the added initial cost.  

Breadth II: Redesign of green roof and facade for energy efficiency

The building is currently going for LEED certification.
Green roof filtration systems will be looked at in more detail and façade connectivity to structural members will be analyzed as well. A green roof redesign will be performed as well since they currently cover two roof levels. The water retention tank capacity may increase or decrease accordingly. The viability of the new green roof and water retention tank will be analyzed against cost, time of placement, and complexity of labor.


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