Lighting Proposal Memo: PDF Link

In this memo, I will specify and describe the four spaces which will be the focus of my thesis project. These spaces are the Large Work Space (Planning & Engineering), Special Purpose Space (Council Chambers), Circulation Space (Main Lobby), and an Outdoor Space (Entrance Structure and Facade). The one space which I will be creating three design concepts for is the Council Chambers. I will also be designing the lighting in the Main Lobby to produce the psychological impression of spaciousness.


Proposal for Spring 2011: PDF Link

This proposal contains work to be completed in the spring semester of 2011 for the class AE 482, Architectural Engineering Senior Thesis. This work includes two depth topics and two breadth topics. The depth topics are within the option chosen during the third year, and the breadth topics are from options not chosen. The lighting and electrical depth requirement is a re-design of the lighting systems in four spaces of the City of Green Administration Building. An analysis of the electrical system will also be included as a depth topic. The breadth topics chosen will focus on the mechanical system as well as an architectural breadth.