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General Building Statistics


Building name: Bayhealth Medical Center
Building Location: Dover, Deleware
Occupancy or function types: The Bayhealth Kent Campus expansion serves a variety of uses. It is comprised of a 225 bed patient care tower, four level 370 space parking garage, and front lobby that act as a separator for public and staff circulation.
Size (total SQ feet): The Pavilion is 215,000 SQ feet

Primary project team:

Owner: Bayhealth Medical Center
General Contractor: Whiting-Turner
Architects/ Engineers: Ewing Cole 

Dates of construction:     start January 2009       finish November 2011
Building cost: Total cost of the pavilion is 65 million dollars
Project delivery method: GMP

The Bayhealth Kent Campus expansion is a project comprised of a 215,000 SQ foot pavilion and a 140,00 SQ foot parking garage. The Pavilion is contains an emergency department, oncology (both chemo and radiation), heliport, security, pharmacy, diagnostic imaging, and shell space. The parking garage is a 4 story 370 space attached to the pavilion. The Pavilion’s façade is a mix of red brick, metal panels, and a glass curtain wall system. The Pavilion’s architecture matches the brickwork and glass curtain walls of the existing structure, but employs much more glass and metal panels, giving it a more modern look.


Electrical: 2006 ICC Electrical Code

Gas: 2006 International Fuel Gas Code

Mechanical: 2006 International Mechanical Code

Energy: 2006 International Energy Conservation Code

Fire Prevention: 2006 Delaware State Fire Protection Regulations type A-2

Plumbing: 2006 International Plumbing Code

Unlimited height and SQ footage restrictions on building

No historical Requirements for this building exist.


Building Enclosure


The Bayhealth Kent Campus Expansion’s building enclosure is comprised of several systems. A typical
Masonry brickis used for the lower floors of the building, while a metal panel and glass curtain wallSystem is predominantly used for the upper level floors

Sustainability Features
Although the Bayhealth Medical Center and Whiting-Turner are both committed to conservation, the bayhealth medical center expansion is not persuing any sustainability features

There are two separate sets of switch gear located in the basement of the pavilion. Each set is able to handle 2500/3325 KVA, 3-phase, at 60 hertz. There is also two emergency generators located in the central service building able to handle 3125 KVA, 3-phase, at 60 hertz.







The lighting for the Bayhealth Medical Center includes an array of fixtures due to the fact that many areas have very specialized uses. The main areas lighting fixtures are as followed:
Offices: 2’X4’ three lamp recessed fluorescent troffer at 277V
Chemo therapy: 6”X2’  277V two lamp linear staggered T5 lamps recessed into the ceiling
hallways/public: areas 4”X4” and 6”X6” 277V LED down light recessed fixtures
exam rooms: 4”X8’ recessed fixture at 277V with two T5 lamps that have individual switches
main entrance: 227V outdoor wet location compact fluorescent downlight recessed into the canopy

Fire Protection

The Bayhealth medical Center is designed with a wet pipe sprinkler system that is supplied by a 750 GPM centrifugal pump that keeps a constant 175 psi in the lines. Because of adjacency of the parking garage, and diverse types areas inside the podium, several fire barriers are present inside the podium building. Located between the parking garage and the podium build is a 3 hour fire barrier/ fire wall. Between the existing hospital and the podium building is a 3 hour fire barrier. There are also several smoke barriers/ 1 hour fire separation walls that compartmentalize the entire building.



There are a total of 7 elevators located in the Bayhealth medical center.
Two 7,000 pound capacity standard in  ground hydraulic freight elevators operating at 100 fpm
Three 5,000 pound capacity standard in ground hydraulic service elevators operating at 125 fpm
One 3,500 pound capacity standard in ground hydraulic passenger elevator operating at 125 fpm
One 3,500 pound capacity standard in ground hydraulic passenger elevator operating at 125 fpm

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