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Rounded Rectangle: hotel and conference center
virginia, usa

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General Building Information

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Building Name:    
  Occupancy Type:

Number of Stories:
Total Cost:
Dates of Construction:
Project Delivery Method:


Primary Project Team

Hotel and Conference Center
Virginia, USA
Mixed Use - Hotel (R-1) and Conference (A-3)
Others noted include: Restaurant (A-2), Assembly (A-3), Business (B), Mercantile (M), and Enclosed parking garage (S-2)

174,000 SF
7 + 1 below grade
$50 million
Fall 2008 - Summer 2010

MEP Engineers:
Interior Designer:
Structural Engineers:

Civil Engineer:
Lighting Design:
Landscape Architect:
Fire/Life-Safety Consultant:
Vertical Transportation:



The recently opened Hotel and Conference Center, on the outskirts of one of the country’s most respected universities, embodies the notions of comfort and relaxation with professionalism and academic success.  The Hotel and Conference Center provides a luxurious and warm atmosphere to all patrons, whether residing in the hotel or merely attending a business or private event in the conference center.  Although the

Major Codes

Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (VUSBC) - 2006
Commonwealth of Virginia Construction and Professional Services Manual (CPSM) - 2004
National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) - 2005



Historical Requirements

There are no historical requirements for this area.

Building Enclosure

The building façade is constructed of two different types of brick, mainly to differentiate between the public first floor of the hotel and the private hotel room floors of the rest of the building.   Glazed aluminum windows and entrance ways line both the  convention center  and hotel halves of the building.  There are also metal canopies over the hotel and conference center entryways. 


The roofing consists of multiple-ply built-up roof membrane with thermal insulation.

Hotel and Conference Center entrance
Image courtesy HLB Lighting Design

Images of the Lounge and Lobby courtesy Nic Tan

exterior façade of the facility does not boast any discrepancies from the architecture of the university, the handsome interior spaces display the epitome of bringing the campus landscape indoors.  Rich colors and woodwork dominate each of the spaces alike, reminding one of the outdoors and the campus setting which provided inspiration to the interior décor.  The elegant inn houses 148 guest rooms, a lounge and bar area (top image), a restaurant, ballroom, 24-hour fitness facility, and various meeting rooms in the conference center.  Hotel guests not only become immersed in the sophisticated atmosphere, but are reminded of the spirit and vivacity of the university when visiting.