R. Andy Pahwa

Architectural Engineering

Mechanical Option

Revised Thesis Proposal w/ Schedule [PDF]


The proposal has been revised to include a direct current application analysis as part of the electrical breadth. The constructability of embedding wall insulation with thin film battery will be evaluated as a part of the CM breadth. A holistic DC approach to increase efficiency, include renewable energy storage and reduce equipment sizing will be the focus for the project. The mechanical depth of PV studies will remain.



Original Thesis Proposal with Schedule [PDF]

For FDA Building One, an extensive solar study will be performed. This will be done to evaluate the advantages of installing a photovoltaic collection array on the roof. The electricity harnessed will be evaluated to offset current building utilities.
A structural redesign of the core will be performed. This analysis is being performed to investigate possible safety measures that were not considered at the time of renovation.
A tenant fit out of the connector link will evaluated. Currently unused space could provide useful open work space. The impact on the existing building systems will be assessed.

Thesis Proposal