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Course Reflection

The Senior Thesis project was a very rewarding experience for me.  I learned a lot about managing my own progress during the Fall semester of the course and in the Spring semester I was really able to manage my time well enough to finish my final report on schedule.  In addition to the time management aspects of the course I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the research and documentation process that is necessary to complete the Thesis requirements.  Finally, the work I conducted over the past two semesters has given me a much more in depth perception of the construction industry and the responsibilities that are a part of the every day life of someone working in the field of construction management.  I believe that this Thesis assignment has better prepared me for the industry that I am entering upon graduation. 

CPEP Reflection

I felt that overall the CPEP site served its purpose of making our progress public and viewable by the faculty and industry members involved with our Thesis projects.  Outside of that, I learned more about using Microsoft Publisher as a method to produce webpages.  I believe that the websites are good for the students to maintain because it is the main way that we can showcase all of the work we put into the development of our reports. 



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