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Corner of Beaver Ave and Fraser St.

Tyler Strange

  Fraser Centre
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Senior Thesis

Building Statistics
General Information
Building Name
Fraser Centre
State College, PA
Occupant Name
Susquahana Real Estate LP
Occupancy Type
Parking Garage
Boutique Hotel
230,000 sf
Number of Stories
11 total - 10 above ground
Construction Dates
Fall 2010-Fall 2012
$40 Million (estimated)
Project Delivery Method


Project Team
General Contractor
Construction Manager
Landscape Architect
Structural Engineer
David Chou & Associates, Inc.
(no website available)
MPE/Fire Protection Engineer
Civil Engineer
Theatre Engineer
Theatre MPE/Fire Protection Sytems Engineer
Architectural Design and Functional Components
The Fraser Centre is a mixed use building with a parking garage below grade and retail stores on grade with a theatre above that. Separated from the theatre by a transfer girder is the mechanical floor followed by offices, 6 levels of condos, and a level of penthouse suites. The base of the Fraser Centre is a glass curtain wall drawing passers-by off of the sidewalk and into the retail stores on the ground level. Above the curtain wall is an appealing mixture of glass and aluminum composite panels creating an attractive addition to down town State College
Model Codes
  2006 IBC
  2006 International Mechanical Code
  2006 International Plumbing Code
  2006 International Fire Code
  2006 International Energy and Consevation Code
  2006 International Property Maintenance Code
  2006 International Code Council Performance Code
2006 International Fuel Gas Code
  2005 National Electric Code
From the State College Codification of Ordinances at
Commercial Incentive - CID
Floor Area Ratio
2.0 (Residential)
Allowable Adjusted Height
100 feet
Front Yard Setback
25 feet from curb
Exterior Wall Area
at least 50% windows


There are no historical requirements
Building Facade   The first 3 floors above grade have all glass facades inviting pedestrians into the retail spaces and theatre lobby. The glass facade also affords the offices an unobstructed view of Faser Street and Beaver Avenue. Above those floors there are large windows separated by aluminum composite panels for the boutique hotel as well as the condos offering sights of downtown State College.
The roof system on the Fraser Centre consistes of fluid applied, rubberized asphalt membrane reinforced with a spun bonded polyester fabric reinforcing sheet on a 12" cast in place concrete slab.
Sustainability Features
The Fraser Centre is not attempting to be LEED certified and sustainability features are governed by the 2006 International Energy and Conservation Code.

Construction for Fraser Centre at State College is scheduled to begin in late Fall of 2010.  The Design-Build project is contracted to Leonard S. Fiore, Inc. of Altoona, PA.  The construction process is scheduled to take about 24 months and an estimated cost of $40 million.


Each floor has one set of stairs and two elevators that run the entire height of the building.  The parking and theater levels have 2 additional sets of stairs.  The mechanical and residential levels have a total of 2 sets of stairs located on opposite ends of each floor and 2 elevators at the East end of the floors.


The building’s electrical room is located on the ground floor.  The panels for the retail spaces are located in the spaces while the meters are located in the ground floor electrical room.  The theater is feed by 480/277 3 phase 4 wire system.  There are 4 transformers in front of the panels used in the theater.  The feeds to each residential and penthouse unit are 120/208V single phase 3 wire system on 2500A bus.  Each of the residential floors have a separate electrical closet that houses the meters for the individual residential units.  Each unit has its own panel for its individual needs.


The parking levels are illuminated by metal halide pendant fixtures.  The ground floor of the theater is illuminated by recessed 7” fluorescent down light fixtures.  The main corridor of the theater is illuminated by recessed 6” fluorescent down light fixtures fixtures.  Recessed fluorescent 4 lamp 2’x4’ troffers illuminate the theater mezzanine level.  Corridors of the mechanical level are illuminated by 1’x4’ fluorescent ceiling mounted fixtures while the other spaces are illuminated by fluorescent strip fixtures.  6” recessed down lights illuminate the residential units and penthouse suites and the corridors are illuminated with decorative down lights.


The 10 auditoriums are serviced by individual water source heat pumps that supply 2000 to 4000 CFM.  These heat pumps operate on a 460V 3 phase feeder.  The theater lobby is conditioned by an 8000 CFM heat pump.  Two rooftop air conditioning units of 7000 CFM each service the residential unit of levels 5-10 as well as the penthouse level (11).  The heat pumps are located and vented adjacent to the entry door for each residential unit.  The retail spaces have 460 CFM unit heaters spread throughout the areas; 2 in retail space 1, 3 in space 2 and 1 in retail space 3.  These units run on a 120V single phase, 60 Hz feeder.


The foundation is a system of continuous footings and isolated footings.  The level 2 parking floor is 9 inch cast-in-place slab spanning an average length of 20 feet.  The theater floor is a 14 inch slab that spans 40 feet.  A 16 inch slab supports the mechanical floor spanning 40 feet on average.  The mechanical floor is supported by 14 inch shear walls.  The residential floors, fifth-eleventh, are essentially consistent from floor to floor.  The floors are primarily 12 inch cast-in-place concrete slab spanning an average length of 40 feet.  All floors are supported by 16 inch shear walls as well as columns.  The lateral system for Fraser Centre consists of shear walls throughout the building.


Fire Protection
The passive fire protection system is the concrete itself, being thick enough to obtain a 2 hour rating.  The active system contains wet and dry systems.  The occupancy classification for residences is light hazard, ordinary group I for parking areas and mechanical spaces, and ordinary group II for storage.  The dry system is in the 2 parking levels and has a density of 0.15 GPM/ft2.  It is a standard response type with upright, sidewall sprinkler heads.  The pipes are ½” diameter and have a 250 GPM capacity.  The residences, mechanical spaces, and storage areas have wet sprinkler systems.  The density of the systems in those areas is 0.10 GPM/ft2, 0.15 GPM/ft2, and 0.20 GPM/ft2 respectively.  Residence and mechanical spaces have ½” pipes with 100 GPM and 250 GPM capacity respectively.  There are 17/32” piping with a 250 GPM capacity in storage areas.

Renderings are Courtesy of Leonard S. Fiore, Inc.
Note: While great efforts have been taken to provide accurate and complete information on the pages of CPEP, please be aware that the information contained herewith is considered a work‐inprogress for this thesis project. Modifications and changes related to the original building designs and construction methodologies for this senior thesis project are solely the interpretation of Tyler Strange. Changes and discrepancies in no way imply that the original design contained errors or was flawed. Differing assumptions, code references, requirements, and methodologies have been incorporated into this thesis project; therefore, investigation results may vary from the original design.

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