Building Name:
The Mirenda Center for Sports, Spirituality,
and Character Development
Location and Site:
One Neumann Drive, Aston PA 19014-4707
Building Occupant Name:
Mixed Use Occupancy
Occupancy types:
A-4 Assembly (Arenas)
B-Business (Educational above 12th Grade)
S-2 Low Hazard Storage
Storage Rooms over 100 sf One hour or
auto sprinkler system
Size (total square feet):
Gross Square Footage    72648
Total Building Footprint  51331
Site Context/Setting:
Site Conditions:
Previously Developed
Above grade/total levels:
Dates of construction:
April 2008- August 2009
Cost information:
Not including site work, furniture, fit-out
and equipment (FFE): $20,339,312
Estimated furniture, fit-out and equipment
(FFE) budget: $1,839,000
Estimated site work budget, including
surface parking: $3,675,108
Project Delivery Method:
Guaranteed Maximum Price
Major National Model Codes:  
2003 International Building Code
2003 International Mechanical Code
2003 International Electric Code
2003 International Plumbing Code

2003 International Fire Code

(Project is not in a historical zone)



The Mirenda Centers structural system is divided into a central arena and a peripheral subsystem. The central arena stands 43’-10¼” from court level. The arena’s span is supported by 9 (9’-2” deep) trusses that span 138’8” and are spaced 20’o.c. The structure is a steel skeleton with shear connections and a braced frame. The peripheral system is broken into a 20’ bay o.c. that span 38’ (W18X35). The whole building is wrapped in a masonry curtain wall. The foundation around the perimeter supports both the steel structure and the 16” CMU with steel reinforcing throughout.

Electrical:   The electrical system consists of a single outdoor pad mounted 1500 KVA transformer that steps down medium voltage from the utility to 480/277V. The Caldwell ground loop is the grounding method used under the transformer. Inside the building is two distribution panels. The MDP feeds two lighting panels directly at 277V, and 3 transformers stepped down for receptacle panels at 208/120V. The MDP feeds the PPMA which feeds the six roof top units of the mechanical system at 480/277V.
The mechanical system consists of six roof top air handling units whose max cooling loads sum to 4651.91 mbh and max heating loads sum to 3031.4 mbh. Each ahu has a heat recovery wheel, economizer, filters, dx coil, gas fired heater, and necessary sensory equipment for optimal direct digital control (DDC). fan powered boxes provide individual zone control and electric baseboard heat keep condensation off the storefront glazing. Solid state DDC controls with scheduling for efficiency performance and savings.
Construction:   2,400 c.y. of concrete
80 Tons of Rebar
9,891 S.F. of glass
14,500 S.F. of wood flooring
7,000 S.F. synthetic track
9,600 S.F. of metal paneling