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DE Hospice - New Castle Center

New Castle, DE

Zachary Klixbull

Mechanical option



Thesis Proposal

The redesign of DE Hospice mechanical system will look at changing a full ground source heat pump system to a hybrid ground source heat pump system. By changing the mechanical system to a hybrid system the system will become more cost effective. In the HyGSHP (hybrid ground source heat pump system) will include cooling tower, boiler, reducing the size of ground heat exchanger, reducing size of pumps, finding an optimal control over new system and solar shingles to keep Leed rating. Hybrid system does not sacrifice environmental benefits because the boiler and cooling tower operates a part-load.

Breadth Topics

Changing size of equipment and adding more equipment with solar shingle will change the electrical design. With all the new equipment changes to the building should cause the panel to be changed and add more of them. The electrical new wiring and panels will be design in accords with NEC 2008. The pay back and energy produced for the solar shingle will be calculated and compared to a conventional PV panels.

The cooling tower will add weight to the roof structure and may require more room for it. The roof may need to be lifted, which will affect the structure of the roof. The current Structural material is wood. The cooling tower will have ducts of outside air to it and exhaust air though a membrane lined chimney. In having the cooling tower in the attic it will hide and chimney will better control indoor air quality. Load on the attic structure will calculated to either change size of matter and/or change the shape or size of the attic.







Revised Thesis Proposal
Thesis Proposal




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