Thesis References

The AIA provided information outlining legistlaion that directly controls how the public work sector performs work in Pennsylvania.

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The AISC provided value weights that were utilized to estimate the deadload of the structure.

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Mike Arnold was interview to gain a general understanding on how public work is performed in PA.

Arnold, Mike. Foreman Group Project Manager Daniel Zartman. Feb 2012. Phone.

John Bechtel was interviewed on the topic of Penn State funding and OPP's relationhip with DGS.

Bechtel, John. Asst. Director of Design and Construction at Penn State's OPP Daniel Zartman. Jan. 2012. Visitation.

Tim Gilotti was interviewed to gain a more indepth understanding of how grants are approriated and the procurement proceedures that are associated with them.

Gilotti, Tim. Radner Property Group Project Manager Daniel Zartman. Feb. 2012. Phone.

Jim Hostetler was interviewed to provide a perspective on how the private owner obtains public funding.

Hostetler,James. Bucknell Univseristy Daniel Zartman. Feb 2012. Visitation.

The Passive Solar Energy Book provided a valuable understanding of how spaces are designed to be conditioned passively.

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This book was used to aid in the design of the alternative HVAC distribution system.

McQuiston, Parker and Spitler. Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Analysis and Design. Danvers: Wiley, 2005.

This source outlined some of the PA public sector legislation, and how it hinders work.

Mechanical Contractors Association of Eastern Pennsylvania v. Commonewealth of Pennsylvania Department of Education. No. 860 A.2d 1145. Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania . 8 9 2004.

The BIM Execution plan, used to explore the applications of BIM in the field.

Messner, Dr. John. BIM Execution Planning. 2011. 16 11 2011.

A large amount of images were provided by the Design Alliance Architects.

Misc. Images. Design Alliance Architects, Pittsburgh.

Elizabeth O'Reilly was interviewed to gain a more indepth understanding of how SCI Benner was allowed to be constructed via Desgin-Build

O'Reilly, Elizabeth. Deputy Secretary of Pennsylvania's Public Works Daniel Zartman. Feb 2012. Email.

The source of the legistlation that controls public school construction.

Pennsylvania Department of Education . "Public School Code of 1949." Harrisburg, 10 March 1949.

DGS provides a large amount of information online, the Best Value Contracting website was sufficient for answering questions pertaining to its application.

Pennsylvania Department of General Services. Best Value Contracting. 2008. Jan. 2012. <>.

Also provided by DGS, the Procurement Handbook for PA made referencing legislation convenient.

Online Procurement Handbook. 6 August 2011. <>.

Executive Branch of PA's government provided information on the appropriation of grants.

Pennsylvania Office of the Budget. Governor's Budget Office. 2012. Jan. 2012 . <>

Pepper Hamiltion discussed the appeal of a court case regarding PA public works.

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R.S. Means was the primary refrence for pricing.

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Interviewed to gain a more indepth understanding of CSL funding type.

Retetagos, Kristine. Turner Construction Pittsburgh VP Preconstruction Daniel Zartman. Feb 2012. Visitation.

Interviewed to get an understanding of the SCI Benner project.

Sandeen, Jeff. Hensel Phelps Construction Company Super Int. Daniel Zartman. Feb 2012. Visitation.

MEEB provided a fundamental understanding on what a raised floor is and does.

Stein, Benjamin, et al. Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings. Hoboken: Wiley, 2006.

Structural Insulated Panel Association. 2012. Jan - Mar 2012. <>.

LEED v2.2 was used to evaluate the level of sustainabliltiy the project was achieving.

U.S. Green Building Council . LEED v2.2 New Construction and Major Renovations. 2011. 11 11 2011.

ORNL provided detailed information on how the Structural Insulated Panels.

X Huo, S. (2010). Analysis of Sandwish Foam Panels. Oak Ridge National Laboratory.



AE Senior thesis, or Senior Capstone Project, is a year-long research project that pulls knowledge gained from all required classes taken and summer internships experiences. Thesis is completed independently and valuable source in analyzing a students capabilities.

My Senior thesis project is Phipps Conservatory's: The Center for Sustainable Landscapeswhich is being constructed by Turner Construction. With the completion of The Center for Sustainable Landscapes (CSL), the Phipps Conservatory will add to its repertoire of iconography by becoming home to one of the most sustainable commercial buildings in the nation. The CSL is attempting to meet the Living Building Challenge issued by a special branch of the U.S.G.B.C., LEED Platinum Certification, and SITES Sustainable Landscape certification.

A special thanks is also owed to Turner Construction for sponsoring my research for this proejct, and the Phipps Conservatory for permitting me to study their building.


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