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Reflection           5/29

Final Report        5/29

Presentation       5/29

Thesis Research   5/29

Tech 1               1/19

Tech 2               1/19

Tech 3               1/19

Build. Stat. 2       1/17

Thesis Proposal    1/12

Thesis Abstract   9/30

Building Stat 1     8/26

Exist. Cond.        8/31

CPEP Draft         9/2

CPEP Menu         9/2

Bio Sketch          9/9


                The Penn State Architectural Engineering thesis embodies everything that each student has learned over the course of their 5 year career at the University.  Not only does the thesis touch on subjects that the student chooses to concentrate on, each student must decide on two other topics within the Architectural Engineering discipline to study. 
                Faculty is available along the entire way to help guide the student where and in which manner to attack their thesis.  The yearlong thesis project is extremely rewarding because the student gets to watch this part of them grow and transform into a respectable piece of engineering knowledge and experience.
                 Personally I got the most out of the project by trying to figure out the solutions on my own.  Only when I struggled did I grow.  If ever I was stumped and had to give up, the faculty were more than willing to accommodate our needs and answer our questions. 
                 Digging up all of the knowledge that I have internalized really helped me to tie all of the aspects of our industry together.  Going through the motions during school becomes extremely monotonous and boring, even tiresome.  However, reflecting on the last five years of my life, I am proud and even impressed with the confidence in the amount of knowledge I have gained. 
                 The thesis is a huge project that takes countless hours.  In the final week of completing my design and report I spent over 70 hours alone.  Overall I feel confident that I’ve dedicated more than 300 hours on my design and report just in my final semester at school.  Unfortunately, going through the semester I did not realize the sheer mass of the amount of work that needed to be completed.  I should have worked on my design more consistently throughout the semester, but it all boiled down to finishing everything at the last minute and beyond.  Through the final attempts at finishing the project I have learned to not put anything off until it has to be done.  At that point it is already too late.  I also took the benevolence and patience of others for granted and even abused it at times.  I am sorry for that, but I will always take away to meet deadlines and to be grateful for the kindness of others. 
                 The thesis project is not just a manifestation of the knowledge we gain as students, but how we have grown through the guidance and assistance of others.  May we take the skills we have learned and make the world a better place.

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