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Lighitng Depth:

Four spaces will have lighting systems redesigned. The court, recpetion area, press room and northeast entrance will be analyzed and designed.

The final solution will also have an LED replacement solution incorporated. There will be replacement fixtures for all existing lighting fixtures in the Towson Arena spaces that I am redesigning.

Electrical Depth:

The current Towson Arena emergency power system will be analyzed. Other systems will be researched to see if there is a better solution. A cost analysis will then be run.

A building SKM analysis will be done on the existing Towson Arena. The entire electrical distribution system will be analyzed.

Acoustical Breadth:

I will perform an acoustical analysis of the court area in the Towson Arena. This space will have multiple uses and an analysis will be undertaken with the uses in mind.

Mechanical Breadth:

An analysis of the glazing in the arena will be completed to test how the mechanical loads are affected. The heating and cooling loads will be analyzed with respect to different glazing types used.