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Brian LaChance - Construction Manager

Brian LaChance is a 5th year Architectural Engineering student at Penn State University and is focusing on the Construction Management option.  He will graduate in May 2013 with an integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s in Architectural Engineering.  Brian has passed the FE exam and will be granted EIT status upon graduation.

Brian’s experiences in the industry include summer internships with EDiS Company and James G. Davis Construction Corporation.  At EDiS Company Brian worked under the estimating team to procure subcontractor bids, execute scope checks and prepare bid packages.  While working at James G. Davis Construction Corporation Brian was a member of a base building project team constructing Boeing’s new headquarters in the DC area.  Brian worked closely with the project team coordinating slab-edge drawings, handling RFI’s and submittals while gaining valuable field experience.

Brian studied abroad in Rome where he took classes to help finish the integrated BAE/MAE program in five years.  Brian is actively involved in the SSAE (Student Society of Architectural Engineers) where he acts as a mentor member.  Brian is also actively participates through the Penn State USGBC (United States Green Building Council) Club which he helped start in the 2011.  In his free time Brian enjoys playing intramural sports, disc golf and supporting Penn State’s athletic teams.

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