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Technical Report 2
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Executive Summary
            The purpose of technical report 2 is to analyze the current mechanical design using Trace 700 modeling program. A few assumptions will be made to the model in order to easily model it in Trace 700. Rooms were grouped together according to exterior exposure, and space types. The miscellaneous equipment loads were modeled using the design documents to input typical wattage per square footage. ASHRAE Standard 90.1 was used to fill any loads unidentified in the design documents. Different room conditions were used according to the space type such as the patient rooms, medical support spaces: the nursing stations and chart rooms, and the offices located on the sixth level.
            The energy consumption was analyzed using an average energy cost for the city of Fort Hood Texas. Energy consumption was broken down according to building component loads, and the highest energy consuming load was identified. This will help with later analysis of different types of mechanical designs for the proposal. The Trace model was also modeled slightly differently from the building’s current central utility plant. Since the medical center’s central utility plant provides heating hot water and chilled water for the entire building, the Trace 700 model has one centrifugal chiller and one gas fired steam boiler.  Overall, the building uses 3,550 MWh annually on electrical energy. The average annual operating cost for the two floors of the medical center is $368,148 which is $5.49/SF per year.


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