Course Reflection

The Senior Thesis Capstone Project is a collaboration of five years curriculum in Department of Architectural Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. Through the course, I was able to express the knowledge gained from Penn State AE program. This course provides me the invaluable experience and knowledge that I had not learned from the other courses. Throughout the year, I was able to research on new topic in structural system in building, especially seismic load resisting system. I am sure that the skills and experience learned from the course will allow me to expand my knowledge and be contributed to construction industry.

CPEP Reflection

The Capstone Electronic Portfolio, CPEP, is a great tool for me throughout the year. It allowed me to organize my work and keep track of the submission to the course. It also provide the function of the medium of exchange for the information between students, faculty and industry member to share how my thesis work is going. It was one of the benefits to the senior thesis to allow the keep track of student’s submission throughout the year.