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Graduate Courses
  • CE 551 - Random Processes in Hydrologic Systems (3): hydrologic systems analysis, simulation; design using probability, time series and dynamical systems; formulating models, parameter estimation, environmental impact, resource assessment. Prerequisite: CE 361; introductory probability and statistics.
  • CE 552 - Coastal and Near-shore Processes (3): hydrodynamics of the near-shore environment, including waves, currents, and storm surges. Coastal response, sediment transport, engineering structures. Prerequisite: CE 360.
  • CE 555 - Groundwater Hydrology: Analysis and Modeling (3):  Introduction to groundwater resource analysis, model formulation, simulation, and design of water resource systems using symbolic and numerical methods. Prerequisite: MATH 251.
  • CE 556 - Tracer and Contaminant Transport in Groundwater (3): introduction to mathematical models for tracer and contaminant transport in groundwater. Topics include formulation, visualization, environmental tracers, and remediation. Prerequisite: MATH 251.
  • CE 561 - Surface Hydrology (3): Quantification of the processes that govern the movement and storage of water near the land-surface including precipitation, evapotranspiration, and runoff.
  • CE 564 - Sediment Transport in Alluvial Streams (3): river flow, river channel formation, the physical characteristics of rivers, responses of rivers to natural and human-made changes. Prerequisite: CE 462.
  • CE 566 - Uncertainty and Reliability in Civil Engineering (3): Introduction to probabilistic modeling, simulation, uncertainty analysis, and reliability estimates applied to civil engineering.
  • CE 567 - River Engineering (3): introduction to river mechanics and fluvial geomorphology applied to problems of sediment transport and channel morphology.
  • CE 580 - Hydrodynamic Mixing Processes (3): physical mixing processes in rivers, estuaries, lakes, and oceans. Analytic methods and computational modeling.
  • CE 597 - Water Resources Seminar (1): topical discussions and presentations of water resources research.