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Undergraduate Courses
  • CE 360 - Fluid Mechanics (3): mechanics of fluids; flow in conduits and around bodies, friction and energy loss, fluid measurements. Prerequisite: E MCH 012.
  • CE 361 - Engineering Hydrology (3): Water sources and losses, evaporation, and infiltration effects on streamflows, hydrographs, flood frequency, reservoir uses in flood protection and water conservation.  Prerequisite: CE 360.
  • CE 462 - Open Channel Hydraulics (3): free surface flow in rivers, canals, steep chutes, stilling basins, and transitions.  Prerequisite: CE 360.
  • CE 465 - Water Resources Capstone (3): hydraulic design of river structures and open channels including supercritical and spatially varied flow; hydrologic/hydraulic computer modeling; design project.  Prerequisite or concurrent: CE 361, CE 462.