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Thorsten Wagener - Assistant Professor

The Facts
226 B  Sackett Building
University Park, PA  16802

thorsten at engr dot psu dot edu
Personal web page

Ph.D., 2002, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Imperial College, London, UK

David Hill
Areas of Interest
Analysis and simulation of hydrologic systems, watershed hydrology, model identification and evaluation, predicitons in ungaged basins, uncertainty analysis, data assimilation.

Three Representative Publications
  • Wagener, T., Wheater, H.S., Gupta, H.V., 2004, Rainfall-runoff modelling in gauged and ungauged catchments, Imperial College Press, London, UK, 330 pp.
  • Wagener, T., McIntyre, N., Lees, M.J., Wheater, H.S., Gupta, H.V., 2003, "Towards reduced uncertainty in conceptural rainfall-runoff modeling: dynamic identifiability analysis," Hydrological Processes, v.17(2), pp.455-476.
  • Wagener, T., Boyle, D.P., Lees, M.J., Wheater, H.S., Gupta, H.V., Sorooshian, S., 2001, "A framework for development and application of hydrological models," Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, v.5(1), pp.13-26.