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Introduction Recommended steps Supporting Tools


1.    Introduction to problem solving

You will be provided with some real-life problems that will require you to make recommendations to avoid concrete degradation. You will be writing a report to outline what the potential problems are and how to avoid them.   In order to solve your problem, you will find it useful to consult the concrete library and expert's advice to help you determine what questions to ask and what problems to consider.  Please read Recommended Steps for more details.

2.    Problem Solving banner

There are two additional supporting tools in the problem solving banner - My View and Listserv.  Please read Supporting Tools for more details.

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3.    Important note

There are some fixed steps to follow for problem solving.  In order not to disrupt the procedure, clicking on any other options on the above banner will activate another window.  You may choose to close these additional windows or minimize them.   Beware of confusion that might occur in working with mulitple windows.