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Past Glunt Fellows

Anthony Jellen (2013 - 2014)

Anthony Jellen currently lives in Mingoville, PA in an NAHB green certified home with his lovely wife Leslie and his two charming children Emily and Euell. Life in Mingoville is relatively calm at the moment, but could heat up at any moment. Family life keeps him busy, young and on the straight and narrow.

Anthony is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science degree in structural engineering at Penn State University. He is researching multi-story residential volumetric modular construction under the tutelage of Dr. Ali Memari, Hankin Chair, Pennsylvania Housing Research Center (PHRC). He is extremely excited about the prospect of his research and hopes to make positive contributions to the industry as well as possibly a career.

Anthony is transitioning from industry where he worked for former Glunt Fellow Brennan Glantz conducting architectural and structural engineering on residential and light commercial buildings for Engineering Projects. He is thankful for the opportunities Brennan has given him to help him advance in his profession and proud of the work they have accomplished as a company.

Anthony is also very grateful to his wife, who has supported him through this transition and without whose help graduate school would have been an impossibility. Anthony is also grateful to his Advisor Dr. Memari, the PHRC, and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the members of the Glunt Fellowship board, who have provided guidance and financial support for his studies.

Emma Leitner (2010 - 2011)

Emma graduated in May 2011 with her MS in Civil Engineering from Penn State. Her thesis research focused on the three-dimensional analysis of wood frame connections under cyclic loads. Previously, Emma received her B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Western Australia before coming to Penn State. She has also studied at the University of Cape Town, in South Africa, and at The University of California at Berkeley. Since graduating Emma has been taking some time off, relaxing at her parents’ house in Dubai, and traveling. She is currently in Florence, Italy for 2 months studying Italian – the realization of an (almost!) life-long dream.

Brian Wolfgang (2008 - 2009)

Brian graduated from Penn State in May 2010 with his M.S. degree in Architectural Engineering. He also received his B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from Penn State in the Spring of 2008. His work with the Residential Construction Research Group under the direction of Dr. Bo Kasal involved a project addressing basement insulation systems. Brian's thesis was titled "Hygro-Thermal Performance of Imperfectly Protected Below-Grade Walls with Interior Insulation." Currently, Brian resides in Pleasant Gap, PA with his wife, Emily, and is employed with Engineering Projects Incorporated as a staff engineer under the supervision of Brennan Glantz, a former Glunt Fellow.

Tanya Myers Charlesworth (2007 - 2009)

Tanya is currently residing in Northern New Jersey with her husband and daugher, Allison Claire, born 3/15/11. She graduated with her Master's in Structural Engineering in May 2009. Her thesis project was on the code aspects of wind loads on low-rise buildings. She is currently a proud working mother: Structural Engineer at The Louis Berger Group in Morristown, NJ by day and Mommy and Wife my night. Busy, busy, busy but happy as ever!

Maral Amini (2007 - 2009)

Maral successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation in December 2010 and received her doctorate degree in Civil engineering in May 2011. On April 1, 2010 Maral presented her research project at the college of engineering research symposiums (CERS2010) where she won first place for the best graduate poster presentation. She joined SK&A Structural Group in Washington DC. in March of 2011 and has provided structural design and analysis for various types of projects. Her experience includes the design of reinforced concrete structures for gravity and lateral loads. Her recent projects include residential buildings, office buildings, and high-rise commercial and residential buildings. Maral is experienced with structural analysis software including finite-element analysis and component design programs for gravity and lateral systems. As a project manager, Maral is also responsible for the development and coordination of the structral construction drawings and processing of shop drawings. Maral received her P.E. license December 2012.

Katie Blansett (2006-2007)

Katie graduated in December 2011 with her PhD in Agricultural and Biological Engineering and has continued to work as the Land Use and Development Specialist with the PHRC. This fall she is teaching the undergraduate course CE 410W Sustainable Residential Subdivision Design and working with the NAHB student competition project teams in CE 497C. She is also working on land development related projects for the PHRC including the Guidelines for Land Development in Pennsylvania.

Jesse Burow (2004-2005)

Jesse is a licensed engineer working for Rigidply Rafters in their Oakland, MD office. They are a manufacturer of metal-plate-connected wooden roof and floor trusses as well as AITC certified glulam. The company provides materials for residential projects ranging from simple additions to 10,000+ square foot homes as well as agricultural and commercial projects. He has been with the company since leaving Penn State in March 2005. He is in charge of the technical services personnel at the plant while also being involved with the design and layout of roof and floor truss projects. He designs and drafts post-frame buildings through Blue Chip Structures design service on the side. He resides in Friendsville, MD with his wife, whom he met at Penn State while working on his master's thesis, and their daughter, born in May of this year.

Xing Shi (2003-2004)

Xing Shi, a Ph.D. student in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Xing worked with Eric Burnett on an ASHRAE and NSF funded project on the drying of wall systems. Xing is currently working as a graduate engineer with Structural Diagnostics Division in Walter P. Moore & Associates, Inc. Walter P. Moore is a national structural engineering and consulting firm with the headquarters in Houston. His work includes:

  • Investigating problems related to structures, building enclosures, and other built facilities for both residential and commercial construction.
  • Designing various types of structures.
  • Developing repair plan.
  • Providing construction administration and quality control services.
  • Providing litigation support needed in construction disputes and insurance claims.

Joseph Pinon (2002-2003)

Since graduating from Penn State, Joseph Piñon has worked for Simpson Gumpertz and Heger (SGH), a firm of consulting engineers specializing in building technology, structural engineering, and engineering mechanics. During his over 5 years at SGH, and 3 years of laboratory research at Penn State, Joseph has gained extensive experience in the design, analysis, rehabilitation, and construction contract administration of a variety of building enclosure systems, components, and materials used in commercial, residential, and institutional construction across the United States. He holds an advanced degree specializing in building science, and has performed thermal and hygrothermal modeling (heat, air, moisture, and energy) on many notable projects at several leading universities, museums, and hospitals. He has broad knowledge of industry best practices as prescribed by ASHRAE and the USGBC, as well as national, state, and local building codes and performance standards relating to energy efficiency, moisture control, and indoor air quality.

I am very thankful for the education and skills I learned at Penn State and through the PHRC. I had a head start on many of the engineers because I knew what flashing was and had learned how the structure interacts with all the other systems such as HVAC, waterproofing, insulation, etc.

I am very thankful for the following people:

  • Dr. Eric Burnett for his mentorship.
  • The staff of the PHRC for their training and support.
  • Roger Glunt for his financial support during the difficult college years and for spending the time to meet with me to show me how homes get built.
  • The Hankin family who’s passion for making homes and not houses is inspiring.

Julie Masser Ballay (2001-2002)

Following her graduate work, Julie was a Structural Frame Engineer for iLevel by Weyerhaeuser, an all-in-one residential wood products business. iLevel sells an array of wood products, consisting mainly of structural composite lumber, composite I-joist floor members and engineered subfloor. Her main responsibility was the verification of product placement and design of value-added products within sealed structural framing plans for residential and small commercial construction. She was also involved in the development of design aids to assist in the specification of new products and new product applications, such as TJ Tall Wall Systems, TJ Roof Systems, and TJ Shear Panels.

Additionally, Julie was a part of a team of engineers and designers that tested a new wholehouse modeling and design software application known as Javelin. This involved verifying the structural analysis and design of members, as well as load development through the structure, conforms to engineering practice and code applications.

Most recently, Julie has left the residential housing industry to rejoin her family business, Sterman Masser Inc., a potato grower, packer and shipper based out of central Pennsylvania. She is vice-president as well as Chief Technical Officer and Chief Financial Officer, involved with the technological, financial and human resources aspect of the business. Additionally, she recently completed her MBA through Penn State World Campus to facilitate her in her new role with the company.

Benjamin Wisniewski (1999-2000)

Mr. Wisniewski is employed by Parsons Corporation, a multidiscipline engineering and construction company with offices throughout the world. He has been working on the Santiago Calatrava design of the new World Trade Center (WTC) Transportation Hub in New York City (NYC) for the past two years as a Senior Structural Engineer responsible for design, coordination, preparation of contract documents, and cost estimation. The project consists of a complex steel and concrete design integrating structural systems from various buildings (including the Freedom Tower and WTC Memorial), NYC subway lines, and state and city streets. Mr. Wisniewski has been actively involved in the professional engineering community as evident by his recent election to the Board of Directors of the Structural Engineers Association of New York.

Edward Bosack (1997-1999)

Ed is a Project Manager with Alfred Benesch & Company working primarily on large scale roadway projects throughout Pennsylvania for PENNDOT and the PA Turnpike. Primary responsibilities include structural design and management of bridge/structure replacement projects.

Benesch represents numerous small Townships and Municipalities in the Schuylkill, Berks and Luzerne County region of Pennsylvania. As part of our representation we assist small municipalities with their subdivision reviews, zoning issues, and items associated with the Uniform Construction Code.

Benesch represents numerous small Townships and Municipalities in the Schuylkill, Berks and Luzerne County region of Pennsylvania. As part of our representation we assist small municipalities with their subdivision reviews, zoning issues, and items associated with the Uniform Construction Code.

Over the course of our history, Benesch has successfully completed projects in almost every sector of engineering throughout the United States. We employ more than 360 professional and support personnel at 15 locations in 8 states: Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

Benesch designs complex highway interchanges, major river bridges, parking structures and structural systems for high- and low-rise buildings. We inspect transit bus garages and thousands of railroad and highway bridges; prepare life cycle cost analyses; and supervise the construction of miles of interstate highway and acres of railroad freight yards. We assist municipal clients in understanding complex and ever-changing environmental regulations and policies. In addition, we work with owners, architects, developers and contractors to address their project scheduling needs.

Benesch is consistently ranked among the top 500 consulting engineering firms in the United States by Engineering News Record, and was recently recognized, for the third year in a row, as one of the nation's Top 50 "Go-To" bridge design firms by Roads & Bridges magazine.

Brennan Glantz (1995-1997)

Brennan Glantz currently resides in State College, PA with his wife Jennifer, 6 year old son Van and 2 year old daughter Kesley. Brennan operates two small businesses focused on the residential construction industry; Engineering Projects performs design work for many of the area’s builders, and Bosak Construction builds marquee custom homes.

Brennan and his team continue to accumulate awards for their design and construction efforts. Certified Green homes, Energy Star certificates, DOE Builders Challenge awards, and Parade of Homes wins have become standard operating procedure - mostly due to sound Building Science principles learned as a Glunt Fellow at PSU over 15 years ago.

This year, Brennan decided to bolster his commitment to the next generation of Nittany Lions by accepting the invitation from the Hankin Chair to be the primary Instructor for AE 470 - “Residential Design and Construction.” The very active class of 40 students is currently following one of Brennan’s sites in real time as it is constructed throughout the semester. They are analyzing the actual cash flow, as well as specific techniques and products being implemented in the field.

Brennan is looking forward to January 2013 where he has been nominated to become President of his local Builders Association.

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