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In 1881 Penn State introduced a course of study in civil engineering and the trustees appointed Professor Louis B. Barnard as the first Head of the Department of Civil. The first graduate of the program received his degree in 1884. In 1992 the department name was changed to "Civil and Environmental Engineering" to reflect the growing importance of environmental issues and our separate graduate degrees in environmental engineering. The US News and World Report currently ranks Penn State's undergraduate civil engineering program at number 15 in the country and the graduate program at number 18. Today, there are over 7,000 living Penn State civil engineering alumni in the US and around the world.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is educating world class engineers through high quality undergraduate and graduate programs provided by an world class faculty. We need our alumni are to help us stimulate growth and maintain our current level of excellence.

Giving Opportunities For CEE

CEE Enrichment and Excellence Fund
The objective of the Civil and Environmental Enrichment and Excellence Fund is to provide support for rewarding excellence and developing initiatives in research and education. Faculty and students are limited in their ability to pursue development opportunities and other initiatives due to increasingly tight departmental budgets and the scarcity of outside research funding to develop new teaching and research ideas. The enrichment and excellence fund would be used to support travel to meet with educational and research collaborators and funding agencies, to fund students to travel to conferences with faculty, to establish teaching awards, to develop new educational initiatives, and to initiate interdisciplinary activities that meet the objectives of the strategic plan.

Teaching Assistantships, Fellowships, and Scholarships
Fellowships available to highly qualified undergraduate or graduate applicants could have a significant impact on the quality of our academic programs, particularly in terms of providing more flexibility in attracting a diverse pool students. The department currently has 14 teaching assistant positions. Additional teaching assistant positions would improve the quality of the undergraduate program and also help with graduate recruitment.

Endowed Faculty Positions
The department currently has two endowed positions, an endowed Chair in Housing, and an endowed Professorship in Environmental Engineering. Endowed chaired positions could make a major improvement in the department’s profile by leading the department in our interdisciplinary initiatives, such as Civil Engineering Systems, Geo-environmental, and Civil Engineering Materials. The department needs additional tenure-track faculty positions to provide a high quality education at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. In addition to tenure-track positions, which have a research focus, several non-tenure-track positions related to professional practice and engineering design would make an important contribution to our undergraduate program in terms of addressing professional issues. The professional instructors would have an emphasis on design and engineering practice, both desirable in terms of departmental strategic goals.

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