Solar Cell


Electrical Engineering Research Activities

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The discipline of Electrical Engineering encompasses a wide variety of techniques which are useful in the area of environmental and energy topics. For example:

  • The design and development of in-situ , stand-off, and remote sensing instrumentation
  • Data analysis and assimilation
  • Sensor networking and adaptive control
  • Space-based data systems on terrestial ecosystems
  • Atmospheric monitoring
  • Power electronics and electrochemical systems
  • Capacitors for energy storage
  • Piezoelectrics and electrostrictive for energy harvesting
  • LED lighting
  • Solar production of hydrogen
  • Electrodynamic tethers
  • Semiconductors for power electronics
  • Energy systems
  • Photovoltaic solar cells
  • Solar fuels

Collaborations with other disciplines has proven to be helpful in developing instrumentation to study the atmospheric, oceanic and land environments. Data obtained from these studies are being used by scientists to study climate change and make predictions about future impacts on global ecosystems.