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The Leonhard Center

The Leonhard Center’s work is guided by the definition of World-class Engineer composed by our External Advisory Board.


The Vision

An educational process built upon problem-based learning, linked closely with industry, through which students acquire the knowledge and skills required to become World-class Engineers.


The Mission

To enable the significant enhancements of engineering education that are required to educate students who will become World-class engineers.


Strategic Thrusts

  1. Formation of partnerships with Engineering Departments to undertake substantial enhancements of their core curricula and courses.
  2. Enabling initiatives with College-wide impact such as the integration of engineering ethics and the use of technology in teaching and learning.
  3. Assessment of the impact of innovative projects on students intellectual development and development of expertise.
  4. Faculty development related to teaching and learning.
  5. Integration of students in the process of change.