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Mr. and Mrs. Leonhard


Bill and Wyllis

"In the twilight of a business career, one rarely is offered an opportunity to give something back to the system that prepared him for success. My gift to endow The Leonhard Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Education is exercising this opportunity afforded me. For Family Leonhard, our reward will be to see a growing stream of ‘world-class engineers’ graduating from the challenging experience found in the Center."


A well-known advocate of engineering education, William Leonhard has made a significant impact on the Penn State, College of Engineering. At Penn State, he and his wife, Wyllis, endowed the Leonhard Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Education, the William Leonhard Chair in Engineering, and the William E. Leonhard Professorship in Engineering. The Leonhards also established the William and Wyllis Leonhard Honors Program, which provides scholarships for undergraduate engineering students.


William Leonhard was elected into the National Academy of Engineering and was named a Penn State Distinguished Alumnus in 1982. In 1988 he was honored as a Penn State Alumni Fellow. He earned his B.S. from Penn State in 1936 and an M.S. from MIT, both in electrical engineering. He is also a graduate of the Air War College.

In recognition of his generous support and dedication to the welfare of Penn State, the University’s Board of Trustees named the newest engineering building in his honor. The Leonhard Building was formally dedicated in October 1999.