Learning With Product Dissection

Product dissection, or the systematic process for taking apart and analyzing a product and all its parts, is an important tool in engineering design. Product Dissection helps us to understand how products work, and can also be a source of inspiration when designing a new product. Learn more about product dissection and how to use our virtual dissection tools to support the design process through our website!

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Take your product dissection classroom activities to the next level with our educational tools

Instructor Support

Are you an educator looking to deploy product dissection in your classroom? We have developed a suite of materials to support instructors for the use of product dissection in the classroom.

Product Models

Are you looking to explore how products work? Do you want to dissect products for design inspiration? Check out our library of virtual product models.


Do you want to see the research behind the use of product dissection in the classroom or learn more about research coming from the Brite Lab? Check out our research page to learn more.