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Civil and Environmental Engineering



The computers provided by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering for use by Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Post Doctoral Students, and Visiting Scholars are the property of The Pennsylvania State University. Only authorized software is to be installed by the Departmental Network Support Staff. These are the only people also authorized to make hardware changes to these computers. If some changes need to be made to the computer that you were provided, contact the Network Support Staff to discuss these changes.

This policy will be strictly enforced to prevent installation of programs such as ftp or software capable of opening security holes that hackers may exploit. Furthermore, downloading and sharing of copyrighted material is a violation of the U.S. Digital millennium Act and as such is strictly forbidden and an explicit violation of the University, College and Departmental Computing policies. However, copyrighted materials may be used within the limits prescribed in a written "hardcopy" letter from the copyright holder; this letter must be on file and made available to University Security personnel upon request.

All users are required to read and comply with University policies AD20, AD23, ADG01, and College and Departmental policies.

An individual using Departmental computing facilities does so with the understanding that the above policies have been read and that the user accepts the terms of the policies.

An individual loading or installing any unauthorized software or making any hardware changes to Departmental computers may loose their computing privileges; access to their user account may be disabled. Penalties may be severe as those stated in Policy AD20, Sanctions for Policy Violations. In extreme cases, policy violators may be subject to prosecution.

In the case that any individual has their personal computer active on the network and there is a security breech on that machine, network access will be blocked and the individual's domain user account(s) will be disabled.

228 Sackett CAD Lab Policy

  • Do not download email to these machines. Email may be accessed via
  • Do not download any programs for installation on any computer.
  • Do not install any programs on any computer.
  • Printers are for class work only.
  • This is a teaching laboratory; do not interrupt classes in-progress. Please refer to the class schedule posted on the door.

Failure to comply with this policy will result in loss of privileges and door access.