Dr. Scarlet Miller
Dr. Scarlett Miller
The Pennsylvania State University
Creativity and Innovation in Engineering Education
Dr Miller holds the James F. Wills Career Professorship in the Hal and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering as well as the School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs. Her research focuses on developing an in-depth understanding of human physical and cognitive abilities in order to develop next generation products and technologies that support human capabilities. Her research to date has had three main thrusts: ergonomic product design (e.g. laparoscopic surgical tool and a neutron detector), design cognition (understanding the design processes and example reuse in design) and human-computer interaction (developing computer tools that better support the design process).

View the PDF of Dr. Miller's talk here.

Prof. Richard Schuhmann
Prof. Richard Schuhmann
The Pennsylvania State University
Entrepreneurship in Engineering Education "Closing the Gap"
Prof. Richard Schuhmann is the Walter L. Robb Director of Engineering Leadership Development at the Pennsylvania State University. He holds faculty positions in Engineering Design, Science Technology and Society, and Civil & Environmental Engineering. Prof. Schuhmann has over three decades of applied entrepreneurial experience and has taught engineering classes in entrepreneurship, enterprise development, and creativity-innovation-change at Penn State for over a decade including a joint class on engineering leadership-innovation with the L'École Mohammadia d'ingénieurs in Rabat since 2007. He is the recipient of the General Electric Learning Excellence Award for "Promoting learning across the traditional college boundaries" and the W. LaMarr Kopp International Achievement Award for "Extraordinary contributions to the advancement of the international mission of the University." Prof. Schuhmann has been an invited speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship and innovation with audiences from Malaysia to the Czech Republic - but North Africa still remains his favorite destinatio

View the PDF of Prof. Schuhmann's talk here or view the video of Prof. Schuhmann's talk here.

Mr. Driss Belkhayat
Mr. Driss Belkhayat
Cadi Ayyad University
The Entrepreneurship: Art That Can Be Learned
After graduating from ISCAE, he began his career at Bel Morocco before joining Coca Cola. Marketing Man, he loves to the ground, including commercial. He wants to make TV and radio advertising accessible to SMEs.

View the PDF of Mr. Belkhayat's talk here or view the video of Mr. Belkhayat's talk here.

Mr. Abderrahman Arafan
Mr. Abderrahman Arafan
Director of PEERS
Have Fun; Be Creative; Create Wealth and Change the World
Mr. Abderrahman Arafan is the former Director of the Division OCP (Mineral Dressing and Environment & Sustainable Development). He is currently the Managing Director of PEERS Consulting Firm. Some of the conferences that he has been involved in have been the Mining and Sustainable Development: Experience of income generating projects backed mining sites and the Mining company-university partnership: success stories.

View the PDF of Mr. Arafan's talk here or view the video of Mr. Arafan's talk here.

Dr. Joseph Phillips
Dr. Joseph Phillips
Country Director of AMIDEAST
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Mr. Joseph Phillips is the Country Director of AMIDEAST-Morocco. He has over eight years experience managing in an international environment.

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Prof. Mohamed Belhaj
Prof. Mohamed Bel haj
University of Sfax
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Dr. Wissem Bensaid
Dr. Wissem Ben said
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View the video of Prof. Bel haj and Dr. Ben said's talk here.

Videos of the Morocco Workshop's two round table talks may be found below:

Round Table on Bridging Between Engineering Curriculum and Private Sector Needs

Round Table on Building Efficient Communication Skills and Marketing Strategies

Morocco Workshop

USTM organized a two-day workshop in Marrakesh, Morocco on February 27 and 28, 2012. The focus of the workshop was:

1) An introduction to entrepreneurship concepts and skills; and

2) Hands-on activities on incorporating entrepreneurship and innovation in teaching methods.

Participants included engineering students and early career faculty from Morocco and Tunisia, in addition to instructors/experts from the U.S., Morocco and Tunisia.

Click HERE to view the official agenda for the Morocco Workshop in PDF form.

Surveys were administered before and after the event. To view the results for the pre-survey, click HERE. To view the results for the post-survey, click HERE.

Organizers: This workshop is organized as part of the US-Tunisia-Morocco Partnership for the Promotion of Technology Innovation and Commercialization Strategies in Engineering Research and Education project, funded by the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs' (OES), U.S. Department of State. Penn State University leads the effort in collaboration with the Tunisian American Young Professionals (TAYP), the Ecole Poletychnique de Tunisia (EPT) and Cadi Ayyad University.