ABET Outcome Survey

AE 481

This first semester of thesis was fast paced and involved a great deal of technical detail in regard to finding out everything I possibly could about my building. The provided deadlines were a good thing in that they helped me with time management, but at the same time made it challenging to gather all of the required information and put it into a report in a rather short period of time. I was fortunate to get a great deal of help from the construction managment team when I contacted them as well as contractors. Overall, I believe being forced to learn as much as possible about my project ultimately made the second half of thesis fairly simple in that I knew what I wanted to research and why.

AE 482

As previously mentioned, this second semester of thesis was fairly simple in that I knew what I wanted to research going into it. The challenging part I thought was time management because there were no real set deadlines. It was up to me to get the work done on time. In doing this, I learned a lot about my work ethic. I believe this semester made me feel confident about my abilities as an engineer as well because it tests what you actually do know and have learned from the classes taken in the previous years. Overall, this was a challenging but rewarding semester for me.


The CPEP experience for me was a learning experience and quite rewarding. Initially, when I was designing my CPEP site, I did not plan on putting to much time into it and using a rather basic design. After I got into it however, I really took this process to heart, spent a great deal of time designing my site, and ended up with a design that I am quite proud of. As for the information on my CPEP, I think it really helps organize everything into a professional manner and keep you up to date with your progress. My experience with the discussion board was a good one. I only posted a couple questions and they all got answered probably within a day. The answers were very helpful as well.


Overall, my experience over the past year provided me with a great sense of accomplishment and confidence. I have a one year old daughter that I've also had to take care of during this process, so that on top of all of the demanding work of thesis tested all of the will power I had to find time to do the required work and balance my home life at the same time. The feeling after I finished my presentation felt like I just climbed Mt. Everest and made it to the top. It was so gratifying to know that I just went through what was probably my toughest year in my college career and made it to the end. I believe this experience gave me the confidence in myself to know that I can tackle whatever challenges lie ahead of me as I embark on my career as an engineer.