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Final Report

  The final thesis report is a comprehensive document that includes background information from the fall semester, as well as analysis descriptions and results from the spring semester. All documents are pdf format.
  Complete Final Report
  Table of Contents
  Report table of contents
  Recognizes those individuals who helped in the completion of the report
  Executive Summary
  Summary of topics covered in report
  Project Overview
  Project and building background. Reviews systems and construction, as well as constructability challenges, estimates, schedule, site, and project team.
  Consolidation of Slab Penetrations (Depth, Breadth in Structural)
  Study concerning the slab penetrations and structural integrity issue at Crystal Plaza II. Using a structural breadth to help determine constructability issues during preconstruction could save time and money during construction.
  Building Integrated Solar Energy Systems (Breadth in Electrical, MAE in Sustainability and Alternate Energy Sources)
  A study into the implementations of a building integrated photovoltaic system at Crystal Plaza II. The ability to use thin film technology within the curtain wall facade presents a case for the use of BIPV. Uses electrical breadth to provide a schematic of wire sizes and inverters for the system. This section ties closely to the Financing section later.
  Peak Demand Shift and Demand Response Programs
  This study looks into the ability for Crystal Plaza II to participate in demand response programs. A second analysis shows that substantial savings can be acquired through a demand shift/shave scenario using the emergency generator.
  Financing Projects through Energy Savings and Sustainability (Critical Industry Issue)
  This section focuses on the industry issue surrounding sustainable and energy savings projects and ways to implement the procedure into main stream building to allow marginal projects to proceed into construction. Review of tax credits, incentives, and rebates are addressed as applicable to Crystal Plaza II.
  Conclusion, remarks, and suggestions based on all analyses.
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