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Thesis Proposal

This section is a proposal for thesis research during the spring semester of four analysis topics. Within the proposal the analyses focus on construtability, scheduling impact, value engineering, critical industry issues, and breadth studies in areas outside of construction management. To view the entire proposal please click the link below. Following that link are individual sections available in .pdf form. Those marked original are products of the fall semester 2008. The revised proposal, executive summary, and breadth studies are those that have been modified for spring semester research.Please note all files are .pdf extensions.

Original Thesis Proposal

Revised Thesis Proposal (1/20/09)

This proposal includes all sections and give background information, problem statements, goals, research procedures, tools and resources, and the expected outcome for each of the analysis areas. The analysis topics are Building Integrated Solar Energy Systems & DC Distribution, Peak Demand Shift & Demand Response Programs,Critical Industry Issue: Financing Projects through Energy Savings, and Consolidation of Slab Penetrations.

To view the executive summary that provides overviews of analyses, please click below.

Original Executive Summary

Revised Executive Summary (1/20/09)

To view the breadth studies appendix to the proposal please click below.

Original Breadth Studies

Revised Breadth Studies (1/20/09)

While breadth study is applicable to any of the four analysis areas, the two areas choosen for breadth study are Building Integrated Solar Energy Systems & DC Distribution and Consolidation of Slab Penetrations.

The study of Building Integrated Solar Energy Systems & DC Distribution will be a breadth study in electrical and a MAE study in alternative energy sources. This breadth, described in detial above, will focus on using integrated PV panels to produce power for communal spaces with the most efficient use of that power using a DC distribution system. This will also be the topic for focus of an MAE subject as required for the MAE program. Research into alternative energy sources and ways to integrate them into new projects to take advatage of incentives and other government programs that make the decision profitable for the owner will be assesed at Crystal Plaza II. This will allow Crystal Plaza II to serve as a potential model for future projects as well as providing the owner with the opportunity to review the options at the current site. These topics are part of discussions in AE597D Sustainable Building Methods.

The second study will involve breath work in mechanical and structural, as the mechanical/plumbing risers are resized and consolidated to eliminate unnecessary slab penetrations. These excessive penetrations are causing structural issues that require large amounts of time and capital to correct. This study also offers the opportunity to utilize 4D CAD modeling as a way to show work flow and time saved, thus integrating it with another MAE course.


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