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9/5/08 Student Biography
9/13/08 Building Statistics 1
9/13/08 Thesis Abstract (Abs)
9/29/08 Tech. Assign. # 1
10/10/08 Abs Board Submitted
10/13/08 Building Statistics 2
10/27/08 Tech. Assign. # 2
11/26/08 Tech. Assign. # 3
12/12/08 Thesis Proposal
1/6/09 Dr. Riley Consultation
1/20/09 Altern. Milestones Met
1/20/09 Revised Prop. not Req.
1/26/09 Altern. Milestones Met
2/2/09 Revised Sched. Submitted
2/2/09 Revised Prop. Posted
2/9/09 Altern. Milestones Met
2/16/09 Dr. Riley Consultation
2/23/09 Altern. Milestones Met
3/2/09 Revised Prop/Brth Posted
3/2/09 Additional Prog. Update
3/23/09 Presentation Outline

3/31/09 Revised Present. Outline
4/5/09 Final Report
4/13/09 Presentation

4/19/09 Reflection

4/23/09 Thesis Research