Robert O. Brennan


Robert Brennan is his 5th year of study in the Architectural Engineering Program at Pennsylvania State University. In May 2008, he will graduate with a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering degree, with a focus in construction management. Mr. Brennan is a member of several professional and student organizations including the Pennsylvania State Chapter of the Architectural Engineering Institute (Student Society of Architectural Engineering), S:PACE.

During the summers while enrolled at the Pennsylvania State University, Mr. Brennan has participated in two different construction related internships. During the first three summers Mr. Brennan held a position with Brennan Builders Inc., a residential builder and developer in western Pennsylvania and Ohio. The most recent summer he participated in an internship with Foreman, a construction management agency specializing in educational facilities, primarily in Pennsylvania and Ohio. These summer internship experiences provided him with valuable knowledge of the construction industry. Through these experiences insight into all aspects of construction from the design phase to substantial completion and building turnover was gained.

Mr. Brennan is not only interested in his academic success but also values diversification in activities. While at Penn State Mr. Brennan participated in numerous intramural activities including football, soccer, and softball. Mr. Brennan also participated in intramural volleyball in which his team took the championship. Golf is an individual activity in which Mr. Brennan enjoys spending quality time on the links.

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