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Updated Thesis Proposal January 2009

The following report is an updated proposal for the spring semester's thesis work. The proposal establishes issues related to the construction industry and the Washington County Regional Medical Center. The research analyses I intend to study in the spring semester are as follows:

Analysis 1: Risks of Site Selection, Financing, and Sources of Funding
Critical Industry Issue
MAE Requirement

This analysis will focus on the changing economy and how it affects construction projects. It will also look into risks associated with project funding and financing. The topic will also address alternate sources of funding. The goal is to educate owners and developers of the fragile economic impacts of their decisions and how to continue to proceed with healthcare construction projects. The MAE requirement will be fulfilled through further development of this topic in relation to Project Development & Delivery Planning.

Analysis 2: Deep Foundation System
Structural Breadth
This analysis will focus on the deep foundation system located beneath the three bed towers on the project. Currently there are 150 caissons spread out over the three towers. The current system has many constructability issues related to the existing site conditions. The subsurface rock, which each caisson must adequately bear on, does not facilitate use of this drilled pier foundation system. An alternative system will be researched and designed to provide a more efficient construction process while maintaining a similar budget.

Analysis 3: Precast Panel Units and Glazing
Mechanical Breadth
This analysis will focus replacing the existing masonry cavity wall unit and glazing, in the respective areas, with one single precast element. It will look at initial system costs and address schedule impacts. The thermal properties of the precast wall system will be researched to provide greater economic advantages. Also, with a more efficient precast wall unit in place, a mechanical load analysis will be conducted to see if the air handling units can be reduced in size and allow for reduced up front unit costs and lower lifecycle costs.

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Executive Summary

Full Thesis Proposal

Breadth Topics Summary


Thesis Proposal December 2008

The following report is a proposal for the spring semester's thesis work. It reviews critical industry issues and identifies problems related to the Washington County Regional Medical Center. These issues will serve as a basis for future research under each topic. The topics were selected from numerous sources, but contain information that can be analyzed from a cost and schedule viewpoint as well as value engineering and constructability. The proposal also contains two breadth concepts that will allow a more in depth look at each effected topic from another option area. Please click on the following links to view a pdf version of the Executive Summary, the full Proposal, or the Breadth Summary.

Executive Summary

Thesis Proposal

Breadth Summary


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