Arne Kvinnesland

Construction Management
Army National Guard Readiness Center
Arlington, VA

This is a student-generated Capstone Project e-Portfolio (CPEP) produced in conjunction with the AE Senior Thesis e-Studio.



ABET Outcome Survey

Note: These outcomes reflect a personal (student) assessment of the course, not the instructor's assessment. To view a PDF of the ABET Survey, click here.

AE 481W/482 Course Reflection

My time spentwith the AE Senior Thesis Project throughout the school year has been a positive and valuable learning experience for me. Through detailed research into all of the various building systems on the Army National Guard Readiness Center project, I gained a better understanding of how building systems operate, interact, and are constructed. Through communication with the project management team I learned what some of the challenges of managing a building project are and how to effectively manage time and resources to solve problems that arise. During the spring semester, I learned how to develop research topics and ways to go about finding the information I needed, as well as effectively managing my time to accomplish my goals. The knowledge that I took with me from AE Senior Thesis will carry with me throughout my career in the construction management industry.

CPEP & Discussion Board Reflection

Prior to the AE Senior Thesis Project, I have had no experience with the design and maintenance of websites. The Capstone E-Portfolio management requirement for Senior Thesis was another valuable experience that I can add to my knowledge base and take with me when I graduate. If it had not been for this requirement I would probably never have any experience with designing a website. It was a great way to consolidate and organize my project information and provided a central location for my fellow students and my faculty to view my work and track my progress. With very little training provided on how to operate the software, it became frustrating at times, but by sticking with it and solving the problems on my own, I have a much better understanding now than I ever would have.

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