Alyse Sutara's Biography

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Alyse Sutara is a native of Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania, a small suburb within the Pittsburgh area.  Alyse graduated from Highands High School in 2005 and enrolled at the Pennsylvania State University as an Architectural Engineering major with a focus in mechanical systems for buildings.  She is graduating in May 2010 with an Architectural Engineering degree and an Architectural Studies minor. 

Within the program, she has completed a variety of classes such as Advanced HVAC System Designs, Advanced Acoustics, HVAC Control Systems, Building Energy Load Simulation in addition to many other math and science based courses for buildings. 

She has also held four internship positions during each summer while enrolled at Penn State.  These internships have helped her to understand the architectural engineering building process.  These companies include The Whiting Turner Contract Company, in which she held a construction management internship for two summers, Cannon Design, an architectural engineering firm in which she held a lighting and electrical engineering internship and finally, spent the last summer interning with WSP Flack + Kurtz, where she held a mechanical engineering internship.  In addition to internship experience, she also studied architecture abroad in Rome, Italy as a part of the Sede di Roma program.   

Alyse recently has been nominated for the Rotary Foundation’s Ambassadorial Scholarship, which will provide one year of graduate school abroad.  She hopes to further her studies within mechanical systems and sustainable technologies for buildings.  Before heading to graduate school, Alyse is looking forward to obtaining another internship in mechanical engineering.