Final Proposal

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Next semester's thesis proposal...

Proposal Focus

This final proposal outlines a new HVAC system design, which will replace the existing system with a geothermal system. In conjunction with the geothermal heating and cooling system, hot and cooled water systems may need to be resized in order to save energy costs.

Breadth Proposal Topic Number One

Within this electrical breadth proposal, piezoelectric flooring material is proposed based on the number of occupants constantly moving through the Museum. This technology will help produce electricity needed to fuel the interactive displays and lighting within the Museum.

Breadth Proposal Topic Number Two

A site study will be created, exploring wind, solar and rain water harvesting around the Museum. The most abundant source of energy will be collected by using corresponding green technologies such as dye sensitive solar cells, greywater toliets and faucets or wind turbines.

Final Proposal December 16, 2009

Final Proposal Revised January 15, 2010