Technical Reports

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Technical Report One

Technical Report One consisted of an analysis of Standards 62.1 Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality and Standard 90.1 Energy Stand for Buildings Except Low-Rise Resident Buildings. The Walt Disney Family Museum met compliance with the majority of the Standards and proves to be an effictive rehabilitation project within the Presidio campus.

Technical Report One: ASHRAE Standard Compliance Within the Walt Disney Family Museum in The Presidio of San Francisco

Technical Report Two

Technical Report Two summarized the results of an energy modeling study, cost analysis of the mechanical system as well as the emissions due to energy consumption each year. While some calculations were performed by hand and referencing design documents and drawings, Trane Trace 700 was the main energy modeling program used to compose this report.

Technical Report Two: The Walt Disney Family Museum's Building and Plant Energy and Emissions


Technical Report Three

Within this technical report, the existing mechanical systems within the Museum were critiqued based upon the building's energy loads, consumption, emissions as well as original design objectives. The Museum's HVAC system was found to be proficient and met necessary guidelines set forth by the California Code of Energy, Title 24 as well as various ASHRAE Standards.

Technical Report Three: Existing Building Systems Summary within the Walt Disney Family Museum