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Proposal Update!

The mechanical system modification suggestions include the following:

  • Connecting the existing Outdoor Air Units (OAUs) to the ground loop to remove the direct expansion coils and/or the direct fire reheat.
  • Removing the sensible wheels from the OAUs to decrease associate pressure drop.
  • Rerouting ductwork from the OAU’s to the Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) such that the system goes from a series configuration to a parallel configuration, thus allowing the GSHP to be bypassed when applicable.
  • Adding BACNET compatible people counters which manipulate added dampers on the Outdoor Air (OA) side of the GSHPs to ramp down the OAUs blowers when applicable.
  • Decentralizing the water side of the GSHP system.
  • Moving from a two-pipe GSHP system to a one-pipe GSHP system.
  • Testing the rigor of a new type of ground loop system that integrates a dynamic dual containment thermal storage system.

The two breadth topics include the following:

  • An envelope study which would analyze options related to changing and/or removing the “green light” natural ventilation system.
  • An electrical study which would detail the impacts that a photovoltaic (PV) array would have on Manassas Park Elementary School (MPES), including implementation strategies, potential system accessories/auxiliaries, and design and construction considerations.

MAE considerations:

  • I plan to include information that I learned in AE 557 in the reports due next semester. This class detailed applicable control strategies for condenser water distribution (primary secondary vs. variable primary) which I plan to incorporate into my GSHP studies.



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