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Technical Report 1 - Executive Summary

Technical Report 1 serves as a proof of compliance with the systems and equipment requirements in section 5 of Standard 62.1. This covers a number of important issues such as measures to prevent mold growth, measures to prevent re‐entry of contaminated air, and particulate filtration. The report also shows the results of the Ventilation Rate Calculation Procedure of Standard 62.1, which determine whether a building meets ventilation and exhaust requirements at design conditions. MPES’s compliance with the building envelope, HVAC systems, service water heating, power, lighting, and electric motor efficiency criteria of ASHRAE Standard 90.1 was also detailed.


Technical Report 2 - Executive Summary

Technical Report 2 demonstrates a clear understanding of building HVAC load and energy analysis procedures. Block load and energy estimates were performed using a computer-based method, and the results are shown within. These results show an estimate of the design load, annual energy consumption, and operating costs of MPES.


Technical Report 3 - Executive Summary

Technical Report 3 provides a clear, concise summary of MPES’s Mechanical system, including design requirements, external influences on design, major hardware components, system configuration, control logic, and operating characteristics. In addition, the report considers the merits of the system as a response to the requirements of the building program.


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