The IPD/BIM Thesis Proposal combines and relates structural, mechanical, lighting/electical, and construction management goals for next semester. Construction Management depth studies planned for next semester include feasibility studies on economics and construction engineering with respect to the double-skin facade, cogeneration plant steam output, alternative structural system connections, and potential to use a bus duct electrical riser system. The practices related to managing a BIM-based interdisciplinary team while using a phased problem solving method (including the implementation of the BIM Project Execution and Planning Guide) will also be analyzed.

MAE-Related Studies:

Tying in closely with concepts learned in AE 597D: Sustainable Design and Construction Methods, the selection of cogeneration plant equipment will be analyzed. The goal of this analysis will be to reduce the total amount of steam purchased from the local utility grid and increase building grid independence.

Please click the image for a .pdf version of the (original)Team 2 proposal.

Please click here for the revised proposal, updated 19 January 2010.