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Overall, The Senior Thesis was an excellent end to my college career. I learned alot and had an excellent experience.

Thanks to all my teachers, advisors, fellow students and Corporate mentors for your help!

Congratulations to my fellow students on a major accomplishment. I wish you all the best in your future. You all are a bunch of workaholics, keep working hard, good things will come for you!

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Final Reflection

First of all I would like to thank my parents, George & Denise Slavik for all they have done for me. I am forever indebted to them. My parents brought me up the right way and taught me the values of hard work and respect for all people, for this I could not be more grateful. They sent me to this amazing University where I have met so many amazing and inspirational people.

Thanks to my father, my Uncle Luciano, and Michael for introducing me to the Mechanical Contracting business, which led me to choose this major. I have greatly benefitted from this experience, and will continue to work hard to advance the business.

I would like to thank the Architectural Engineering Staff for all the help along the way. Everyone from teachers to the ladies in the office made this experience much easier. Special thanks to Moses Ling for always being there for guidance from the time I visited as a senior in high school until I left this place.

I would like to thank all the great people at Southland Industries helped me not only gain permission to use such an interesting project for my thesis, but helping me along the way. Also, thank you to the many strangers I cold called on the phone from all over the country to help me figure this project out. Without you, I don’t know what I would have done.

Special thanks to all my friends that I have met along the way. I joined the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity at this school and met some amazing people. The crazy stories will never be forgotten, I thank you for teaching me to work really hard, and play even harder. I have realized this is the way to live life. Thanks to my friends I have made in the AE program, especially my Roma crew. We shared the most incredible experience of my life together, and we will be family for life now. Thanks for all your help along the way in and out of the classroom.

I have many, many people to thank and I probably have forgotten some in here. I am extremely lucky to be blessed with such amazing friends, family, and colleagues. You are my inspiration, you are the reason I do this, and you are the reason I have fun.













Note: While great efforts have been taken to provide accurate and complete information on the pages of CPEP, please be aware that the information contained herewith is considered a work‐in‐progress for this thesis project. Modifications and changes related to the original building designs and construction methodologies for this senior thesis project are solely the interpretation of George Slavik III. Changes and discrepancies in no way imply that the original design contained errors or was flawed. Differing assumptions, code references, requirements, and methodologies have been incorporated into this thesis project; therefore, investigation results may vary from the original design