shaun m. kreidel  
structural option
school without walls
washington, d.c.
This is a student-generated Capstone Project e-Portfolio (CPEP) produced in conjunction with the AE Senior Thesis e-Studio.

Technical Assignments

Technical Assignment 1

In the first technical report of the School Without Walls modernization and addition project, the structure is presented through a detailed description of the foundation, floor framing, and lateral systems.  Gravity, wind and seismic analyses are alsoincluded in this report.

Technical Assignment 2

In the second technical report for the School without Walls modernization and expansion project, the existing an alternate floor systems are analyzed and compared on construction depth, ease of constructability, fireproofing, lead time, structure impact and total construction cost. the alternative systems investigated are:

-Hollow Core Slab on Steel Beams

-Two Way Flat Slab with Drop Panels

-One Way Slab

Technical Assignment 3

In the third technical report for the School Without Walls, an in depth analysis of the existing lateral system was conducted. To aid in the analysis, a computer modeling system, ETABS was utilized. Wind and seismic loads were calculated using ASCE 7-05 and applied to the model. This program provided an output which provided center of mass and rigidity, stiffnesses and torsional effects. The model was verified for accuracy via hand calculation methods.

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