Technical Report 1: PDF Link

This report contains a detailed analysis of the existing lighting design and hardware in four primary spaces of the City of Green Administration Building. Each space is described spatially, including plans and sections, followed by the existing lighting design information. Following this, lighting design criteria determined using the IESNA Handbook are explained with regards to specific tasks within that space. At the end of each section there is an evaluation and overall critique of the space. Two of these critiques used AGI lighting analysis software to see if the existing lighting design conformed to the previously mentioned lighting design criteria. The general lighting design throughout the building is successful at complimenting the architecture and providing functional spaces for everday use by city employees.


Technical Report 2: PDF Link

This report contains detailed information regarding the existing electrical system in the City of Green Administration Building. Each section corresponds to a different component of the system, beginning with a general description and proceeding through to the branch circuit panels. Schedules are included to show the location of equipment, connected loads, and service entrance calculations. All main switchgear and equipment is included within the schedules. The service entrance calculations were done using three different methods, and would normally be compared to the existing system. Unfortunately, these numbers were not available at the time, and are not included. Design issues, green design components, and the communication system are also discussed.


Technical Report 3: PDF Link

Technical Report 3 is a schematic lighting design power point presentation which was presented to lighting design professionals at Lutron. All four spaces from Technical Report 1 are included.